German “Lace Delicate” Scarf

Myself on Marienbrucke bridge with NeuschansteinWhen traveling, do you take a project along? Besides a book, I always like to take a crochet project. It is my way of relaxing after a busy day of touring. It also helps the time pass while flying overseas. I first decide on the type of project I will be crocheting. Once that has been decided, I then choose two patterns. Not because I would have time to crochet two items, but just in case my first pattern doesn’t turn out the way I like when I start it.

When traveling, I pack my crochet items as follows:

  • Patterns (2) – carry onGerman-Scarf-Closeup bag
  • Skeins of yarn (2) – one in the carry on bag and one in the checked bag
  • Crochet hooks (2 – same size) – one in the carry on bag and one in the checked bag
  • Scissors (1) – checked bag

For my trip to Germany this fall, I wanted to crochet a scarf using Patons Lace Yarn, weight category 2. I have used this yarn for another scarf and really like the effect of the variegation. The color is called Porcelain.

The pattern chosen was Patens Lace Delicate Scarf, which I found on:


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