Who I am…a crafty geek who enjoys all things techie and loves to crochet and sew.

I started to sew and learned to crochet in Girl Scouts when I was 13. As a left-handed person in a right-handed troop, it took my aunt to teach me how to crochet. It always fascinates me that my left-handed crocheted material looks quite different from my sisters, who happens to be right-banded. I have now been crocheting for 30 years and am still learning new techniques about this craft all the time. As with technology, crocheting continues to evolve and move forward in new directions.

“Officially” I have a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Microcomputer Network Management. In other words, I’m a very proud “computer geek.” I have been working professionally as a Graphic Designer/Webmaster for 15 years. Our website has been changed twice since I have taken over as Webmaster, and I have acted as the Web Designer both times.