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Projects and Inspiration

Being Inspired with MaterialsYou have time on your hands and want to crochet or sew a project. Do you look for inspiration and decide on the type of project during the process or do you decide on the type of project first…sewing or crocheting?

Before I look for inspiration, I like to know what type of project I will be working on…sewing or crocheting. If I have a weekend free, I will choose a project to sew. If it’s a case where I will be working on the project during the evening, I will choose one to crochet. The reason being, I prefer to sew when I have natural light.

Where do you find your inspiration?

My sister being inspired

My sister being inspired

My inspiration comes from a variety of sources, depending on if I will be crocheting or sewing.

For crocheting, my inspirations include:

  • Crochet books I have purchased
  • Crochet magazines: Crochet! and Crochet World
  • Ravelry
  • Craftsy
  • Crochet Guild of America website member resources
  • Pinterest
  • Free in-store patterns

Right now, I am currently inspired by “The Best of Mary Maxim: Ripple Afghans” by Leisure Arts. Since it is currently -20 degrees on average in Michigan, blankets seem very appropriate.

For sewing, my inspirations include:

  • Local store – Country Stitches in East Lansing, MI. The store is PERFECT. This is, by far, my favorite place to get inspiration.
  • Sewing patterns I have purchased
  • Pinterest
  • Free patterns from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

Lacy Delight Throw

My latest project, an airy blanket, comes from the book: The Best of Mary Maxim, Ripple Afghans that I recently picked up during a shopping trip from JoAnn Fabrics.   When I saw the throw in this book it reminded me of the sea…waves if you will. To me this got my attention since it’s […]

Niagara Falls Crochet Shawl

This fall I traveled with my co-workers on a company trip to Niagara Falls. For the motorcoach trip, I wanted to work on a shawl this time around knowing we would be on the coach for 6+ hours each way. Again, I had two patterns, just in case my favorite just didn’t come out as […]

German “Lace Delicate” Scarf

When traveling, do you take a project along? Besides a book, I always like to take a crochet project. It is my way of relaxing after a busy day of touring. It also helps the time pass while flying overseas. I first decide on the type of project I will be crocheting. Once that has […]

Crochet red hats to bring awareness to heart disease

I saw a Facebook post from on my wall, which caught my attention immediately. A charity drive, Little Hats, Big Hearts, joins AllFreeCrochet with the American Heart Association to donate homemade hats to newborn babies. The goal of this project is to help bring awareness to heart disease. To read more about this amazing […]