Western Michigan University Tie Blanket

Western Michigan University Fleece Tie Blanket

WMU Tie Blanket FleeceWould you like to make a blanket for your spouse, child, nephew or niece, or sibling but you don’t have a sewing machine; or, perhaps you can’t sew? If so, I have the project for you. Fleece tie blankets don’t require any sewing skills at all and take a mere few hours to complete.

What you need for this project:

  • Fleece – two types
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Large table (or bed) to work on blanket


Where to purchase your fleece?

Go to your favorite store that sells material. I personally purchase my fleece at @Joann Fabric and Craft Stores. They have a great selection that fits my needs to a tee. Other great stores for material in general include @Hobby Lobby and @Country Stitches (local store in East Lansing and Jackson, MI).

How much to purchase?

First, you will need TWO colors (or variations) of fleece. Personally, I choose a pattern for the front and a solid color for the back of the blanket.

A good rule of thumb for how much to purchase for each color:

  • Baby to toddler – 1-1/2 yards
  • Pre-teen – 2 yards
  • Teen – 2-1/2 yards
  • Adult – 3 yards

Creating the Blanket

  1. Spread the solid color fleece out first on your table or blanket. Make sure to spread it taut to get all wrinkles out. If the fleece goes over the edge of the bed, that’s ok. This happens when I work on 3 yard blankets.
  2. Next, spread the patterned or second solid color fleece directly on top of the other fleece. Again, be sure to spread it out so the wrinkles are all out.
  3. The fleece will be jagged at the top and bottom where it was cut from the bolt. Also, both sides will have edges that need to be removed. Trim the edges and top. This will even out the fleece.WMU Tie Blanket trimming edges
  4. Now that we have the fleece trimmed, we will cut out a 4″x4″ square on the top left and top right of the blanket.
    WMU Tie Blanket corners
  5. The fleece is now ready to cut the strips. Each strip should be 4″ in length and average 1″ in width. Complete each side individually using steps 5 and 6. It’s important to cut and tie the strips for each side before moving on to the next side.
    WMU Tie Blanket cut strips
  6. Next, you will tie the top and bottom of the strip…tie twice to create each knot. WMU Tie Blanket tie
  7. Once you have the three sides on the bed complete, you’ll need to reposition the blanket so the unfinished part of the blanket is on the bed. From there, we will return to step 4 to trim the sides and bottom and then work step 5 and 6. This will complete the blanket.

See the very top image to view the WMU (Western Michigan University) Fleece Tie Blanket I made my husband. As you can see, our youngest cat, Mattie (our Manx), approves of this project. What do you think? Are you going to make your husband, child, nephew or niece, their very own fleece blanket?

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